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Gear Refresh

Effective Gear Odor Eliminator 

Get rid of athletic and gym bag odors with the gear odor eliminator from Safe Surface LLC. Our spray, Gear Refresh, can work wonders on smelly gear. It works for casts also. Click here to order now! 

If you feel conscious of the odor emanating from your gym bags while entering or leaving the gym, you'll definitely find you'll definitely find Gear Refresh handy.

Our Gear Odor and Shoe Odor Eliminator Works On

  • Sneakers
  • Work Shoes
  • Sports pads
  • Knee sleeves
  • Gym bags
  • Casts
We offer FREE shipping for orders over $25 from our online store. Rest assured knowing that our sprays are completely safe and odorless. Our sprays eliminate odor; they don't cover up one with another. Money-Back GUARANTEE is available.     
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