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Exceptional Odor Eliminating Sprays

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Choose an Odor Eliminating Spray Depending on Your Need

Safe Surface LLC is a deodorizer manufacturer, which brings you three different types of deodorants - Litter Fresh for pet litter boxes, Ever Fresh for killing incontinence odor and Gear Refresh for eliminating stink from gears, used every day. 

Visit our online store 24/7 to purchase any of our products.
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Personal and Household Odor Eliminators

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You can choose from our three products depending on your needs. All the three products are biodegradable and non-toxic. Get rid of irritating and embarrassing odors with our personal and household deodorants. 

Relax in the knowledge that your home, pet and family are safe from embarrassing odors and germs that get attracted to them. Call us today! Worldwide shipment facility is available.  
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