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Biodegradable, Nontoxic Solutions for Personal & Household Odors

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Effective Odor-Eliminating Sprays for Your Body & Home

Get rid of irritating and embarrassing odors with Safe Surface personal and household deodorants. Our nontoxic, odor-eliminating sprays act to break down bad smells, instead of simply covering them up with perfumes or chemicals. Choose from three different biodegradable formulas, depending on your specific needs, and relax in the knowledge that your home and your person are both well-protected from pesky or embarrassing odors.

Our cat-friendly customers love our Litter Fresh product, which is ideal for keeping bad litter box scents at bay. For more personal relief, our Ever Fresh Personal and Gear Refresh products work quickly to eliminate personal odors due to incontinence or sport activities. While bad odors may be an unavoidable occurrence in life, you don't have to suffer through them any longer than necessary when you use Safe Surface.

Living Room

Kitty odors getting you down? With our Litter Fresh spray, you'll forget the cat box is even there.

Litter Fresh
Handsome and Confident Man

Don't let embarrassing odors hold you back. Ever Fresh Personal kills incontinence odors fast.

Ever Fresh Personal
Football Equipment

Get rid of gym bag or sports equipment odors quickly with Gear Refresh odor-eliminating spray.

Gear Refresh

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